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5 Steps When You Deciding To Buy A Digital Camera

First some questions that you have to get answer to:
What will I use the camera for? Shall I just take party pictures or serious landscape pictures?

Witch size do I want big tiny or regular?

Do I really have the best digital camera that cost thousands of dollars? When you have answered these questions you have an idea what digital camera that fits your needs.

Now we will look at the 5 most important things when deciding a digital camera:
1. Look at the megapixels itís important to have 6mp+ if you want regular pictures too look great.
2. What is the respond time for the camera? The time it takes to take the picture. This is really important when you want to capture the moment.
3. The size of the camera is also important. If you will have it like all day camera donít buy the fancy big camera with all the best futures. Buy a small one that suits your needs. You donít need the best camera if you just shall take some all day pictures or party pictures.
4. Look at the LCD screen so it has a good resolution and so the pictures look good on that. If you donít have that itís really hard to see if you have taken a good picture or not.
5. Source the field and take a look at different cameras before deciding with to buy.

This was some great advice that you should take with you when you will buy your digital camera. Just think about this you will take so many funny pictures with it so you want a great camera!

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Source: www.isnare.com