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Awesome Wireless Camera Alarm System

Wireless security cameras have are your best bet for a flexible, cheap security system. They are easy to install and of course there are no unsightly cables to run. Wireless security cameras are incredibly small, battery or AC powered cameras that can be hooked to a TV or to your PC. If attached to a personal computer the images captured may be recorded on a hard drive or viewed live over the internet. The small cameras are made up of three components: a camera and a transmitter/receiver to communicate with the controlling device.

This type of system can give you the ability to monitor everybody that comes into your home or business, and they will not even be aware that they are watched. Installing such a system is the most practical and reliable way to assure extensive surveillance and security at your desired location. One of the main advantages a wireless camera system has over a wired version is its improved flexibility. A wired camera is difficult to move to a new position whereas a wireless one can be relocated with ease.

As mentioned previously the system can be hooked into the internet for remote viewing. This is done with software that interfaces the cameras with a PC. The computer then allows you control the system via the internet. Once you have everything hooked up you can view images live on the internet. With the right camera features, you can pan, tilt, and zoom live camera feeds. Additionally, the cameras may be set up to sense motion, tripping an alarm or sending an e-mail or pager alert to you.

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