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Camera Surveillance

We all agree that in the modern world we need added security measures. Whether it is company protecting its property and products or the common man looking to keep his house secure; all are looking for good and reliable surveillance equipment. There are many companies that our manufacturing surveillance CCTV hardware and software. This industry is growing and has immense potential because of present circumstances in the society.

It has been seen that with each passing day several new surveillance tools are being developed be it for people or organizations or law enforcement. The police is using surveillance equipment to ensure that law and order prevails in the society while citizens are using surveillance equipment to keep an eye on their valuables and to protect themselves from intruders. Banks and public building are using surveillance equipment and camera that go unnoticed by many. Many surveillance equipment are so designed to blend in with their surroundings while doing the task of recording all activities in the surrounding areas. Certain surveillance cameras are so small that they can not be seen and are virtually undetectable.

There are different types of surveillance cameras and some of them are: nanny camera, regular camera, hidden camera, digital camera and pinhole camera. Though these surveillance cameras may have many other uses, they are usually used for security purpose so that people are safe and secure. Many times police are known to use surveillance cameras when it comes to recording a crime like blackmail or extortion. The police also use these cameras for gathering evidence against criminals.

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