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Choosing A Camera For Dedicated Video Surveillance

There are many things that you must think about before you finally choose the proper equipment for you dedicated video surveillance system. The most important of these decisions is the camera that you will use. A poorly chosen camera can make the attempt virtually pointless, as items in view could be out of focus, unrecognizable, or just too dark to identify. There are certain things that you must be aware of before designing your surveillance system.

Obviously the price of the system is a major factor in deciding what equipment to buy. You need to be aware of the lighting at the location, in particular the amount of light and the way the lighting changes throughout the day. What kind of task is the system going to be used for? Will it be for documentation, alarms, identification, etc? Is the camera going to be used outside or indoors, and will it be hidden or visible? All of these things need to be identified while you are designing your system and considering what equipment to buy.

Not considering all details will probably result in wasted money as well as a system that doesn’t quite function as intended. This will cause you to miss the recording and surveillance opportunities that you are striving for. If you have the wrong equipment, then you won’t be able to identify the shoplifter in your store, or the suspicious looking person eying the kids a little too closely. Make sure you triple check all the requirements and get the appropriate system.

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