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Different Types Of Home Surveillance Camera

Home surveillance can use different types of cameras. Hidden cameras, outdoor and indoor camera, night vision camera, camera with motion sensor, to a full camera surveillance system with DVR kit.

Hidden cameras are growing more and more popular in the realm of the home surveillance camera. Tiny cameras are hidden in soft toys, on everyday objects, stuck upon walls, or placed in inconspicuous places to provide a surveillance image. This type of camera works well as the nanny camera, whereby a nanny or babysitter’s behavior with children can be monitored.

However, the home surveillance camera is most often used for security and safety purposes. This typically means that it has been used outdoors mostly. These types of cameras now come equipped with motion sensors and night vision, making home surveillance even more effective, without the need for professional security services.

Motion sensor cameras use the differences in infrared light pattern to trigger off an alarm or to flood an area with light when they are equipped with floodlights. Infrared energy is emitted by every living being, and humans emit at a wavelength of nine to ten micrometers. The motion sensors are calibrated to pick up on any IR wavelength of eight to twelve micrometers. This type of home surveillance camera also uses the principle of a photosensor, where a beam of light is exposed to the camera’s lens, and any change in the light pattern and saturation suggests a motion in the vicinity.

Night vision home surveillance camera uses the same IR premise as the motion sensor camera. However, it uses the infrared emissions to put together a high resolution image, even in pitch dark. This type of camera uses thermal imaging. Another process that it uses is called image enhancement, resulting in the green colored images typically associated with night vision. The many shades of green in the image suggest tones and outlines, making it easy to distinguish shapes and movement over an area.

Outdoor security cameras home surveillance systems systems also come in kits, with a number of cameras- usually from eight to thirty-two, along with DVR recording facilities. This ensures that captions from all the different cameras can be recorded on the hard disk of the DVR, allowing for longer recording time and later viewing of the images. This also makes a good storage system for security images. To Read more about properly setting up an effective security camera system visit Security-Cameras101.info

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