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Digital Spy Cameras

Digital cameras differ from conventional cameras in that they directly measure light and store the information digitally. Conventional still cameras relied on chemical changes in the photographic paper. Digital cameras and digital video cameras provide greater flexibility, dependability, and ease of use and storage. Digital has become the standard today, and except in special circumstances, itís digital that you will be using in your spy cameras.

Digital cameras can be directly hooked onto your computer and made to capture video footage or movements that can alert you. You can also view the images remotely over the Internet, giving you greater control. Such systems could be set up with little investment by using a webcam and personal computer, or they could be more sophisticated.

Digital cameras are available in a very wide range in terms of features and cost. You may have to decide on these depending on your budget, environment, and needs. One of the things you should be looking at is the CCD (Charge coupled devices), which is what registers the image that is captured and processed. CCDs determine the quality of the picture.

Higher pixel density, expressed in megapixels, gives better detail and low-light performance, but is costlier. Color and audio are two other details that depend on your requirements. Zoom lens can determine the viewing angle and speed of the camera. Faster lenses allow more light to pass through to the CCDs and hence could be important in specific cases. Optical zooming helps maintain the quality, or sharpness, of the image and the contrast of the image.

Digital cameras provide images of high resolution and quality and do not have the hassle needing to find film that fits mini cameras.

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