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DVR Security Cameras

DVR security camera systems display a clear and sharp image. DVR security cameras ensure that your employees or family members always feel protected. DVR security cameras enable you to see who is approaching your home at all times. They are perfectly scalable to your expanding number of security cameras. DVR security cameras are easy-to-use and they provide perfect recording capabilities. DVR security cameras view your home or business remotely from any computer with Internet access. DVR security cameras provide instant playback with no time-consuming rewinding or fast forwarding. DVR security cameras provide extensive system customization solutions for your unique business or personal needs. They use a cutting-edge technology hardware and software at affordable prices. DVR security cameras are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Mobile DVR security cameras are also available in the market. They are specially designed for the transportation industry. They are mostly equipped with 2.5 removable hard drive. Mobile DVR security cameras are more reliable, durable and economical. They are used in school buses, airport shuttles, cars, taxis, recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles, fire department vehicles, police cars, trains, vans, trucks, delivery service vehicles, ships, bank cash transporters, prisoner buses, airplanes and so on.

Many digital video recorder security cameras have four camera channels and 1 audio channel to 16 camera channels and 16 audio channels. They come with 24 bit true color video, hardware video compression for fast video delivery, virus care system disk on module, built in multiplexer function, 30 fps liver video for each camera, built in web server, recording by motion detection and pre-alarm function, e-mail and FTP server alarm notification.

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