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Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras, or covert spy cameras, are a great way to ensure peace of mind and keep a watch over things. Covert or hidden cameras can be wired or wireless. Wireless hidden cameras have the camera and transmitter concealed, and there is no wire running to the recording equipment. In the case of the wired version, the connection to the VCR or PC will be through a physical wired connection. Wired cameras usually have the advantage of having a ready power supply, whereas the wireless variety will have to depend on battery power.

Hidden cameras are usually embedded into everyday objects such as clocks, cigarette packs, radios, or even plants. You can also get cameras that you can place into any object yourself. If you would like to carry these cameras around, you can get them embedded in variety of commonly used objects such as pens, calculators, mobile phones, buttons, and ties.

Most hidden cameras can be plugged into your VCR or PC straightaway, making it possible for you to have on-line surveillance, if you want. You can also use these systems to trigger alarms or get emails sent to you in case of unusual happenings.

On the technical side, there are a few things that one needs to look at when considering a hidden camera, including the range and whether or not it has wide-angle viewing. Other considerations are its resolution and if it can adjust to varying lighting conditions.

Hidden cameras can be set up to record unattended. Look at unattended recording facilities and the length of time for which you can set up such recording. Finally, have a look also at how easy it is to set up the camera. This could help you in shifting the camera from place to place or even room to room.

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