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Home Spy Cams

Spy cams have revolutionized the field of home security. They are the most effective tool to tackle vandalism and burglary which is rampant these days. In case of a burglary or an intrusion, the police can view the video captured by these spy cams and this makes their task easier.

Home spy cameras are easy to install and use. They work with TVs and VCRs, so you don't need any extra equipment. They are ingeniously designed so that they look inconspicuous in any environment.

Standard security cameras for homes include pinhole cameras, cameras with microphone, bullet shaped weather proof cameras, wide angle door viewer cameras, aluminum infra red dome cameras and night vision indoor/outdoor camera. The pin hole camera measures just an inch and can be placed anywhere. The picture quality of this tiny camera is amazing. Infra red dome cameras and the night vision cameras have IR LEDs for night time viewing. These cameras can see up to 200 feet in the dark and produce decent quality images. Instead of peeping through the peep hole on your door to check a visitor, you can fit a wide angle door camera and connect it to your TV for viewing.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera is another type of spy camera that can be fitted in your home. By panning and tilting the camera you can view any spot or room in your home. It allows 360 degree panning rotation and 0-90 degree tilt. It is controllable using the Internet and has auto iris interchangeable lens to help you change lenses when you need.

Wireless spy cams and send and receive signals up to seven hundred feet and can also penetrate walls and other opaque objects. They are built using CCD chip technology and produce 380 lines of resolution for color images.

Spy cameras safeguard home to a great extent and can also be used to monitor babies and small kids from another room.

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