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Indoor Home Security Camera Systems - Watch your Children, Nanny or Home Healthcare Workers

Indoor Home Security Camera systems are available in several different styles. Indoor Dome cameras are popular for systems where theft deterrence is a major factor. Truth is, when people see a camera, they are much less likely to do anything illegal or immoral. Visible Indoor Home Security Cameras, like indoor hi-res dome cameras provide great quality video, often with wide-angle views that can be recorded to your VCR, Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR recorder. These Indoor Dome Home Security Cameras also come in Infrared night vision capabilities, which provide night vision even in No-Light conditions at various distances so that you can record what is happening in your home, even when you cannot see at all yourself.

Indoor Covert, hidden style cameras are probably the most popular type of indoor home security camera because these cameras can provide great quality video of the inside of your home, and no one will ever realize they are cameras. These types of cameras can look like virtually anything, such as a book, clock, alarm system motion detector, sprinkler or anything else. Each of these cameras record through a tiny pinhole lens, so virtually anything can be a camera. These cameras are very popular for the inside of homes because they do not stand out against your décor.

Whether you choose visible indoor dome style home security cameras or indoor covert style cameras, you have several options available to you for monitoring or recording from your cameras. For basic, low budget systems, a simple camera can be plugged into the RCA input of any television to provide basic monitoring from one security camera (cost ranges from $40 - $150 depending on camera and cable type) or the camera can be plugged into an existing VCR for recording onto standard VHS tapes.

For more advanced digital systems, up to 16 cameras can be plugged directly into a Standalone DVR to view all cameras at once on your TV, and record the video onto the recycling hard drive inside the DVR. These standalone systems are very popular because it shows the cameras all up on your TV at once, and can be controlled with a standard remote control. PC Based Systems are also an option, as they provide great quality recording onto the hard drive inside of the PC. These PC-Based DVR Systems are great for budget installations, because they can use your existing Windows XP or Vista PC for recording from the cameras.

No matter what your home security needs, you can find an affordable home security camera system to suit your needs. These systems continue to grow in popularity, and provide great peace of mind to homeowners throughout the country already.

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