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Infrared Night Vision Home Security Cameras

For home security camera systems, Infrared night vision cameras are quickly becoming the most popular type of cameras. These cameras can be found in indoor or outdoor varieties, and can provide clear color video during the day, and black and white footage at night, even in no-light conditions.

There are several things to consider when you are selecting infrared night vision cameras. First, determine where the camera will be mounted. When placing an infrared camera, it is generally a good idea to ensure that there are no obstructions in between the camera and the primary area to be viewed. Infrared cameras are not able to view through glass, due to the fact that the infrared light will reflect back at the camera and wash out the picture. Also ensure that the camera is not directly viewing a mirror, which can reflect IR light back at the camera, washing the picture out as well. Next, you should take into consideration the distance between where the camera will be mounted and the primary viewing area.

For example, if a camera is being mounted on your front porch to watch people entering and leaving your home, then measure between where the camera will be located and the entryway of the door. This distance will be used in determining the correct IR range to select. Once you know the distance between your camera and the area to be viewed, select a camera that has about 2 times the range for IR night vision. The reason for the increase in night vision distance is several-fold. The IR night vision distance of IR Cameras is generally rated in indoor climate controlled conditions. Especially when placing the cameras outside, the actual distance will most likely decrease due to increased humidity, decreased temperature, etc.

While installing your camera, ensure that the camera and any exposed wiring is out of reach, this will help to prevent vandals from disabling or moving the camera. If you follow these guidelines for selection and installation of an Infrared Night Vision camera, then you should be able to provide excellent video quality for daytime and nighttime use and provide video to your VCR, Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR for great home security viewing even in no-light conditions.

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