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Keeping Your Eye In The Sky With Mini-Dome Cameras

We've all seen them, and even if you haven't seen them, they have certainly seen you. Whether you are window-shopping at the mall, walking to your car through a parking lot or playing your favorite slot machine the odds of a dome camera being somewhere in the vicinity are great. Mini-dome industrial cameras have become "all the rage" when it comes to industrial video camera surveillance because they can be used for a wide variety of applications.

I remember my fascination with dome cameras began the day I walked through my first Las Vegas casino. They were everywhere and every time I tried to count how many there were I always got lost and had to start over again. Industrial dome cameras, with their small, sleek design and virtually flush ceiling or wall mount appearance have become the ideal tool for giving users the protection they desire in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Industrial dome cameras can be used for a wide variety of applications, which is why there seem to be so many different cameras to choose from. As always, the best dome camera for you will be the one that best meets the specifications for your application. A few questions to ask yourself before beginning your search could be:

1. What are the requirements for your application?

  • Does the camera need to be weatherproof? If so, then the cameras without a rugged exterior design have just been eliminated from your search.
  • Is the camera going to be in a high-risk vandalism area? This will again, eliminate certain camera models from your search based on the strength of the housing.

  • Do you need color, black and white or both?

  • What resolution are you looking for? Remember the higher the resolution, the crisper the picture given to you.
  • What type of mount are you looking for? Wall or Ceiling mount?
  • What type of lighting will you be working with? Decide whether or not you have a high level of lighting, a low level or both at given times during the day. The lower the light the more sensitive the camera needs to be.
  • What type and size of lens are you going to need? Depending on the lens, Focal lengths can range from 2.5 mm-16.0 mm.

  • There are probably 10-15 more questions you can ask yourself in order to find the right camera for your application but at least this gives you a head start. Used mostly for security and surveillance applications, if you look around, chances are you will see these "eye in the sky" industrial dome security cameras being used for:

  • Parking Lot Observation
  • Doorway Surveillance
  • Entrance Surveillance
  • Warehouse Surveillance
  • Bus Barn Surveillance
  • Gate Surveillance
  • Yard Surveillance
  • Dock Surveillance
  • School Surveillance
  • Bank Surveillance
  • Hotel Surveillance
  • Prison Surveillance
  • Parking Garage Surveillance
  • Casino Surveillance
  • Retail Surveillance
  • Commercial Surveillance
  • Vestibule Surveillance
  • Elevator Surveillance
  • Anywhere else extra protection is needed with a discreet look.

  • Among the manufacturers currently offering Industrial Security Dome Cameras are; JVC with their VN-C655U Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Dome Network Camera, Canon with their VCB-300 Security Communication Dome Cameras, ELMO's PTC-400C and 401C PTZ Dome Cameras, and Sony VIP with their line of Industrial Security cameras.

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