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Mini Wireless Spy Cameras - What Are They Doing In Your House?

I'm sure you've seen the popup banners and many annoying adds over the years for mini wireless spy cameras, although the marketing tactics turned a lot of people off - including myself, these cameras are very useful and fun. The trick is to purchase the right camera for you. Some of these older cameras operate at lower frequencies, these are not effective for any range and can interfere with household devices. Be sure to purchase a camera that operates in the 2.4 GHz range or higher.

Current technology can put a mini wireless spy camera in anything check out this screw camera - this can easily be placed anywhere and not noticed at all. You can put one in a baseball cap! Pinhole cameras can be self installed in just about any household object. Some models come with a DVR in the unit so the device is completely self contained. You can just set a clock radio, or similar object and have it record only when motion is activated. You them merely connect USB plug to your PC or laptop and download the video. Still images are also possible.

Color images are quite common now, although the more advanced models revert to black and white when low light conditions are present. You can check the mini wireless spy camera in question by its LUX factor. This is just a way of telling how dark it can be to get a readable image. Low lux cameras can photograph in almost complete darkness now, using the light of less than a single candle power. Note that it is illegal for civilians to include audio in covert recordings. Only law enforcement agencies can legally and covertly record both video and audio.

If you decide on a mini wireless spy camera you must have the recorder or video monitor within range. Most ranges are restricted to 100 feet. It is possible to extend this range with optional high power transmitters with options up to a mile.

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