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Night Vision Cameras

Imagine you are in a place that is cloaked in darkness and you are the only one who can see. Technological advancements of the 21st century have made this possible through the invention of night vision equipment that has done away with the obstacles of human beings in darkness.

Night vision cameras have found great use not only in the fields of surveillance and security, but have also defined various new aesthetics in terms of the fields of photography and cinematography. Every camera, whether digital handy cam or high-resolution camera or any other kind of camera, is equipped with the latest technology for high-quality night vision. Introduction of the DEP XD-4 Image Intensifier for image enhancement and thermal imaging, and many such technological devices, have also raised the level of modern day warfare and arts and aesthetics.

Most of the time, the night-vision cameras are used for military services like surveillance and intelligence-gathering activities at night, or in conditions of low light or low visibility. A night vision device can be either a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation unit.

This categorization of units is based on the light intensifier tube, which is basically the soul of such a night vision device. However, with the help of the image intensifiers, the video cameras are fitted together with Charged-Coupled Devices (CCDs). Most of the advanced night vision camera designs allow the image's light particles, called photons, to enter the CCD unobstructed. This facilitates high efficiency light detection through the ultraviolet wavelengths which are visible in nature.

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