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Outdoor Home Security - Peace of Mind with Outdoor Home Security

Outdoor home security systems are the first line of defense against burglar or vandal. In this form of protection, the security system operates by detecting motion on the perimeter and interior area of the property, outside of the home. This can be done by using motion detectors and motion lights. Signs can also be placed outside of the home to either illustrate that the inside of the home is protected by a real, or dummy, defense system such as ADT.

Placing cameras and other deterrents inside of the home is nice if the criminal is already inside. This type of security is best used if a babysitter or other personnel are in the home and not trusted. Placing cameras inside of the home does not deter a criminal from attempting to break into the home though because the criminal does not know that the camera exists. Placing cameras outside of the home allows the criminal to know that the cameras are in use and that this home is protected. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to protecting the home. It is better to have prevented the crime than it is to prosecute the criminal after the crime has been perpetrated.

The cameras used in outdoor home security do not have to be functional cameras, but rather can be dummy cameras made to look and act like real cameras. These cameras often have the blinking light of the security camera and have the likeness of a security camera. The dummy cameras differ from real cameras in one major detail though, and that is the function. The dummy camera is to deter alone, while the regular camera is to deter and then record if a crime indeed takes place.

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