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Stand Alone DVR Versus PC Based DVR - Residental Security Systems

Security camera systems used in conjunction with DVR systems are a popular choice for home security surveillance systems. DVR based systems are available in a variety of configurations and they are available in both stand alone and PC based models. You donít have to be an expert computer user to operate and manage a PC based DVR security system but it does help to have some computer skills. While a stand alone DVR Security system is a perfect solution for PC phobic people or someone who just wants a push button turnkey system.

Lets discuss the merits of the PC based DVR security systems. The computer contains all the usual stuff (motherboard, network card, video board, hard drive and memory) but it also includes DVR capture card. This DVR capture board can have 4, 8 or 16 video inputs. The video inputs receive analog signals from the cameras. The analog video is converted to a digital format and then compressed using mp4 compression. The compressed video is stored as data on the hard drive for archiving and playback. PC based DVRís provide far better video recording clarity over time lapse and are generally more flexible than standalone DVRís. These units are available as kits which you install on your PC. You can also buy systems pre-configured with all the functionality you need for your Surveillance system. Use the link: PC based DVR CCTV Security to find out more.

The benefits of Standalone DVR Systems are also important to consider. Every function on this DVR is a matter of a push of a button which makes operation very simple. Most Stand alone DVRís have off-site viewing functions that allow you to view video from anywhere in the world. While this is also possible with the PC Based DVR systems it requires knowledge of computer networking and routing processes. Most stand alone versions have two or more internal hard drive spaces as well as two or more external hard drive connections allowing for extended DVR recording times. Standalone DVRís are in fact computer base machines which run Linux, Unix or other proprietary operating systems but the difference is that they are designed to run only one application (DVR Surveillance), which makes the standalone Device a reliable appliance and does one thing only.

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