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Standalone DVR Home Security Camera Systems

With many different affordable home security camera systems on the market, a homeowner may have a difficult time trying to select a system that will suit their needs. Some of the systems on the market are PC-Based Systems. PC-Based Systems involve installing a DVR Card and software into your PC, and then the cameras will be recorded directly onto your PC's Hard Drive.

With this type of system, your PC should be used only for recording the cameras, as DVR recording is a very processor and hard drive intensive application. The PC would also have to be left on continuously, otherwise recording would not occur. While these systems are very good, not every homeowner wants to leave a PC running constantly.

Standalone DVRs are a great alternative to a PC based system, and provides added benefits, allowing you to view your cameras right on your TV. This way, you can easily switch to the cameras while watching TV or even pull up the cameras in a Picture in Picture window. The Standalone DVRs even include an IR remote control, so that you can control your cameras' recording right from your couch.

These Standalone DVR recorders are an excellent choice for many home security camera installations, providing ease of use, display on a television, control from an IR remote control and some even allow for remote viewing of your cameras over the internet. For a good quality system, consider Standalone DVR recorders to help you increase the security on your home.

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