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Surveillance Cameras Wired vs. Wireless

One of the most common questions that I get asked on a regular basis is which type of surveillance camera is better, wired or wireless? The answer that I give to this question is always the same, neither one is better nor worse, it all depends on your situation.

Rather than go into a long, drawn out lesson on surveillance cameras, Iíll just give you what I consider to be some of the pros and cons of both wired and wireless security cameras.

Wireless cameras The obvious benefit of a wireless surveillance camera is that it can be placed almost anywhere without needing to figure out how to conveniently run the connecting cables. For many applications, such as covert surveillance, this can be a necessity. An example of this would be a hidden nanny cam for your kidsí room thatís disguised as a stuffed animal. Letís face it; a teddy bear with a cable coming out of its paw is hardly an inconspicuous hidden camera.

The down side to a wireless surveillance camera is just as obvious. Wireless cameras need to have their battery packs frequently recharged for them to work. Also depending on how far away the wireless receiver is from the camera, the video signal could be subjected to interference from other electronic devices in the area.

Wired cameras The pros and cons of a wired surveillance camera is pretty much the opposite of the wireless ones. On the plus side, wired cameras donít need to be frequently recharged, so once theyíre installed, you can leave them alone and theyíll continue to work for you day in and day out. Also, because the camera is directly connected to the monitor or recording device, the signal is not subject to video interference from outside sources. The down side is that they are limited by the length and placement of the connecting cables. It may not be practical to have 300 or 400 feet of wire running through your building from the camera to the monitor.

All in all, there are benefits as well as down sides to both wired and wireless surveillance cameras. So instead of asking which one works better, the only question that you really need to ask yourself is which one will work better for your particular situation.

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