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Wearable Spy Cameras

While spy cameras can be used by anyone, wearable spy cameras usually serve the purposes of law enforcement. These little unnoticeable cams are ideal for private investigators, cover surveillance, and secret agents but this doesnít mean that they are not available to the public. Several companies launched models buyable by regular people.

Nearly everyone has seen a James Bond movie and remembers the high tech cameras inside pens or glasses. This is no longer a dream. Specialized shops sell spy cameras perfectly hidden inside sunglasses, pagers, pens, and other everyday items. Wearable spy cameras are also found in several other items as well. They can be attached to a helmet, for example, to record a bike ride or parachute jump. Such cameras come with added features like being waterproof, small or lightweight. There is also the possibility of having a camcorder in your backpack and a lens mounted on your hat that can record events without being held.

Of all the possible types of wearable spy cameras available to the public the most appreciated are the concealed ones, such as a pen camera. They are very easy to hide since people usually donít look for them. Hidden in plain sight, such cams will record important evidence, like a testimony, or just about anything one might want to record with or without the people involved giving permission. Problems can arise if subjects donít consent to being filmed, but it doesnít matter in many instances, such as catching a cheating spouse.

Whether someone wants to do a little espionage, have fun, or take pictures where regular cameras are restricted, a wearable spy camera is perfect.

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