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What You Should Know About High Definition Industrial Cameras

High Definition industrial cameras have significantly higher resolution than the standard format cameras. HDTV (High Definition Television) technology was first introduced in the US during the 1990s by the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance. It consisted of entities like AT&T, General Instrument Corporation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The introduction of the HDTV format required specialized high definition cameras, cabling and television monitors.

There are three HDTV standards that are currently defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R BT.709). They are 1080i (1,080 actively interlaced lines), 1080p (1,080 progressively scanned lines), and 720p (720 progressively scanned lines). All of these standards use a 16:9 aspect ratio. All current HDTV broadcasting standards are encompassed within the ATSC and DVB specifications.

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is the group that developed the ATSC Standards for digital television in the United States, also adopted by Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

DVB, short for Digital Video Broadcasting, is a suite of internationally accepted open standards for digital television.

There are many markets for High Definition industrial cameras; broadcast, scientific imaging, homeland security, industrial video inspection, machine vision. This is a new technology for the industrial market and trends towards high definition industrial vision are on the rise.

Recently three new High Definition camera models were released: the Sony VIP, EVI-HD1, PTZ High Definition camera, the FCB-H10, High Definition block camera and the Toshiba, IK-HD1 High Definition 3CCD camera. Each camera has a unique and different application specific purpose. The EVI-HD1 is a PTZ camera used primarily in video conferencing and broadcast applications. The Sony FCB-H10 is a unique small OEM block camera used in homeland security and other related military markets. Finally, the Toshiba, IK-HD1, is remote head 3 CCD High Definition camera used in scientific imaging and other applications.

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