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Video Surveillance Equipment

Various industries, including banks, stores and restaurants, use video surveillance equipment for safety purposes. Police officers use it for tracking criminal activities and private citizens find it helpful in protecting their property.

The basic types of video surveillance equipment are cameras, camcorders (camera-recorders), recorders/players, and video displays (monitors/televisions), which are fitted in some combination to create a complete video surveillance system.

The board camera is a special video surveillance system, which is easily concealed because of its small size. The power supply for this equipment is from an external device such as a transformer or battery pack. Video signals are usually sent to a monitor, video recorder, or video transmitter.

Patrol car surveillance systems are special video (and audio) equipment designed particularly for police applications. In addition to officer safety, the systems provide a clear record of faces, vehicles, license numbers, weapons, and the talks that transpired before and during dangerous situations.

The retractable surveillance system is designed to work like conventional overhead closed circuit television systems (CCTV systems). The Knox Forward Intelligence Gathering System (FIGS) like systems are in-ground/above-ground products intended for both industrial and government applications.

On occasions when it is impractical to monitor an area from a distance or when the subjects often shift from one location to another, portable video surveillance equipment systems are used.

Video surveillance equipment can identify subjects (including persons) at varied distances and at varied light levels. It is true that robberies are far less common when this equipment is placed in conspicuous spaces.

The video surveillance equipment boom is likely to extend even to the home. Parents find them especially helpful when this equipment (such as hidden cameras) can be used to keep an eye on the person watching their children.

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