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Wireless Spy Cameras

Wireless cameras operate without a physical connection running to the recording or monitoring equipment. This gives you freedom of movement within a limited range and also makes the cameras more discreet. Wireless cameras operate through a transmitter-receiver combination that transmit and receive the captured images.

Great for investigative and surveillance operations, or as nanny cameras, these cameras can vary in price, depending on the level of sophistication you prefer. Wireless spy cameras are great if you require surveillance from far away.

The transmitter is embedded in the camera, while the receiver is attached to the recorder or monitor. The transmitter transmits at a fixed, standard frequency. There are a couple of frequencies in which these transmitters operate. While the frequency does not in any way affect performance, you should ensure that no other equipment is operating in the same frequency in the vicinity to avoid interference.

Other than the transmitter, the specifications to look for are much the same as for any other digital camera and include color, resolution, illumination, and battery life. Wireless means that this is easy to set up. Transmitting live video back to your TV, VCR, or computer with a range of up to 50 to150 feet, wireless cameras can easily be set up and ready to go in no less than five minutes.

Wireless cameras are most useful if you are mobile or want to frequently shift the position of the camera within the home. They are also invaluable if you are carrying out covert operations with a hidden, mini camera.

Wireless cameras should also be considered when the camera is to be hidden. If you are sure that the camera will not be frequently shifted and do not have the requirements of covert operations, wireless cameras may be less preferable to wired ones. Thatís because wireless cameras depend on battery power, which runs out after a specified time, making them less suitable for long-interval continuous surveillance.

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