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Digital Video Surveillance

A digital video surveillance system allows for remote control of cameras and better visual data, meaning that a person can see things and faces more clearly due to improved optics and zooming. Data is stored digitally, not on tape and this means that it can be recovered instantaneously. At an airport, security is of paramount importance and the process of evacuation, in case of an emergency, can be easily implemented if the data from a digital camera can be immediately retrieved.

However, digital surveillance cameras are not as common as CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras. The main reason behind this is that CCTV cameras are useful in closed buildings whereas a digital camera can be installed anywhere. Digital surveillance cameras can be linked to a computer directly and many innovations have made these cameras very useful in securing any premise. Some of the applications of these cameras are basic, such as motion recognition software that sets off alarms. Some are smart, such as a grocery shop systems where cameras at the checkout table are connected to the receipt tape.

A person using these types of cameras can watch many geographically scattered sites from one room—a feature that was not possible with closed circuit systems. An even improved benefit of a digital video surveillance is that central control and monitoring allows anyone to install cameras at smaller sites and monitor them from the central operations center. With CCTV, a person would require a closed system at that small location and onsite supervision, which requires at least one worker. A Digital video is also superior to a tape when it comes to storage and recovery.

Digital cameras are revolutionizing the concept of business and new business strategies are being developed that use ‘smart’ surveillance that record the customer traffic in a particular site. These cameras are becoming cheaper by the day and will surely replace all CCTV surveillance systems in the future.

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