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DVR - Introduction to DVR Security Systems

Quite a handful of things are a concern in our day to day lives. Probably – well, almost certainly, security tops the list of our day to day concerns. This brings us together to ponder over one question - how can we bring complete security around us? Here, the concept of DVR makes itself understood. A DVR – which is an acronym for Digital Video Recorder - also called Personal Video Recorder (PVR) - is a very simple device that can record videos that are in a digital format onto a drive (generally a disk drive) or for that matter, any other medium. This simple gadget when used for security purposes is called security DVR. The term security DVR includes set-top boxes (stand-alone) and some software for the computers that enables capture of video. It can also perform playback to and from the disk. It must be noted that some electronic manufacturers have already started offering televisions that come with DVR software and hardware built in to the very television itself. Also must be noted that Security DVR has also nowadays become the main way in which CCTV companies record their daily surveillance, since it provides much longer recording times as compared to the old VCRs.

Security Digital video recorders (DVR) that are configured for daily applications that involve physical security perform a very simple task - they record the video signals that are transmitted by the closed circuit television cameras. These signals are then used for documentation and detection purposes, which are the most naοve ones. Many security DVRs are designed for recording audio as well as video. Nowadays, DVR are evolving into simple devices that are rich in features, and also as devices that provide services – services which exceed the simple task of recording videos and images – a task that was previously done through less popular VCRs. A simple Security DVR CCTV system can provide a whole lot of advanced functions as compared to VCR technology. These can include video searches by event, video searches by time, or even searching of videos by date and security DVR camera.

Also must be noted that there is a whole lot more control that can be developed over the frame and quality rates, thereby allowing a highly optimized disk space usage. Also the security DVR can be set to easily overwrite the oldest security videos or footage in case the disk becomes full. This may sound a rarity, but a possibility can not be ruled out. In most of the DVR security systems, access to remote security video or footage using a personal computer or a laptop can also be easily achieved by simply connecting the security DVR to a Local Area Network or the internet. Indeed, DVR security systems have certainly – and for the better – changed the way we look at day to day life.

Security DVRs today are broadly categorized into either embedded or being PC based. The architecture of a PC based DVR is a simple personal computer (PC) that is embedded with video capture cards, which are simple cards designed to capture video images.

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