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Dish Network and DirecTV DVR

DVR allows you to pause, record, fast forward, rewind and playback live TV digitally, plus record TV shows from two different TV channels at the same time for later viewing, and even skip commercials. A digital video recorder (DVR) makes it possible to record, and watch only those shows you care about, and in your own time.

By now you may have noticed that DVR works much the same way as Tivo. The main difference is Tivo is a brand name DVR service, while DVR is just a generic term for the hardware, and while Tivo will work with any service, Dish DVR only works with Dish Network, and the same holds true for DirecTV.

The standard Dish Network DVR has a 120 gigabyte hard drive that enables you to record up to 100 hours of standard TV programming, and the standard DirecTV DVR allows you to digitally record up to 100 hours of programming as well.

Both satellite TV providers offer standard DVR equipment as part of an upgrade. You have an option to purchase or lease your DVR receivers, but in both cases you'll need to get DVR service as part of your package in addition to the hardware.

If you need something a little more robust than the standard DVR receivers, both companies also, have DVR with HD built in, though you'll need to get HD service, and an HD programming package as an upgrade. In both cases the HD DVR rated far better than the standard DVR in Cnet customer reviews.

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