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CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) have come a long way from their early conception. What started out as a crude device, the CCTV camera has evolved into an innovative piece of technology used to clarify visual mysteries that are undetected by the naked eyes. The first CCTV devices were manufactured with black and white television sets that were connected to a monitor through a physical cable. At that time, the most advanced version of CCTV was either a collection of cameras attached to a switch that allowed you to traverse from one view to another, or a view using multiple cameras at one time.

Nowadays, there are a variety of CCTV devices to choose from. Many are still wired, but the camera device itself has improved greatly. Not only can you find cameras that have high powered zooming, you can also find devices that allow panoramic views of any given area. CCTV cameras are no longer obvious. With the addition of wireless technology, and camera devices becoming more miniscule in size, you can purchase one and install it indoors or outside of your home as a security system. There are also pinhole lenses, ceiling mount smoke alarm color cameras and door view cameras available for home use.

Dome type cameras are also used in public places. With the rise of terrorist attacks after the September 11, installation of these cameras in public places has become more important than ever. Cameras equipped with high-powered zooming capabilities attached to a powerful computer with state of the art software, can trace the movement of suspects and recognize facial patterns and behavioral movements.

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