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Internet Security Cameras

Internet security cameras are specially designed for remote monitoring. These cameras can be accessed from any computer station connected to the Internet. Internet security cameras can be used to know everything going around your home or office by staying in any part of the world.

Internet security cameras usually have the ability to stream images instead of displaying still images. The frame flow will create an illusion of moving image. The frame rate may vary from 7.5 fps (frames per second) to 40 fps. Most Internet security cameras have 30 fps. They can provide resolutions in multiple ranges such as 640480, 320240 and 160120. Remember that with higher frame rates resolution decreases.

Internet security cameras usually have features such as fixed lens with manual focus, capability to pan, firmware updates, and protocol support. They usually include Web server, IP address, e-mail and monitoring software. The usual capacity to pan is 270 degrees. They can be tilted 90 degrees upwards and downwards. The price range starts from $120 and goes into thousands.

The advantages of Internet security cameras include no requirement of expensive coaxial, dedicated monitor, and driver installation, multi-user (2 to 10) accessibility, easy operation from viewer's PC. These cameras follow most network protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, ARP, DHCP, and ICMP. They can be used with a variety of operating systems. They transfer images as JPEG or MPEG formats. Most new cameras have a built-in Web server to channel images directly to the Internet. One disadvantage of low priced cameras is that an intelligent person can gain access to your camera by guessing the URL/IP.

There are also internet security cameras with motion sensors, which can detect anything moving within their perimeter. They automatically take snapshots of the object and will save them on the computer or send to a particular destination though e-mail. Many internet security cameras also have built in microphones. Internet security cameras require high bandwidth, at least a cable/ADSL level connection.

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