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CCTV Hidden Cameras

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. CCTV Hidden Cameras are used in places where there is a need for added security measures such as banks, supermarkets, department stores, schools and more. The entire network of cameras in various locations is connected by means of cables to a television or monitor in a single place. Images from all cameras can be displayed simultaneously on this screen. Images can be paused and zoomed in.

The basic use of CCTV Cameras is crime prevention and detection. Someone continuously monitors the images produced by CCTV Cameras on the screen. Any untoward activity is immediately brought to notice and a security alarm is raised. The use of CCTV Cameras in crime prevention and detection originated in the UK, but today most countries all over the world use them for surveillance. Several shoplifters are being booked daily using CCTV Cameras. There was also a sensational case where a child was rescued from his kidnappers when the kidnap was recorded over a department store CCTV Camera.

Another use of CCTV Cameras is in controlling road traffic. CCTV Cameras are placed at various strategic points on roads and their screens are placed in traffic control towers. Such surveillance helps to control the traffic and also to prevent accidents. In case there is an accident, immediate assistance can be rendered at the spot.

The use of CCTV Cameras is not without controversy. There is a section of the public that feels the use of CCTV Cameras is an invasion of privacy. There are restrictions to the use of CCTV Cameras in most states. Installation of a CCTV system requires letters of permission from the concerned authorities in some states.

Early CCTV Cameras were expensive. But now with growing technology, their prices have come drastically down and they are well within the reach of the common man. Modern CCTV Cameras are available with wireless technology. They can also be connected to the USB port of computers and can produce digital images. CCTV images can be uploaded to the net and made available over long distances.

Installing a CCTV surveillance system in a small office, with four cameras and a monitor, may cost about $750. Prices fluctuate depending on the company and sophistication of the equipment.

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