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Getting Others To Spy For You

Spy cameras are achieving new dimensions each day. Employers are turning to their employees to spy for them. Technology doesn't stop amazing you until you learn that now it is enabling employees to use their camera enabled cell phones to function as networked video cameras! There are companies, which offer hi-tech mobiles that enable FBI agents to guard and patrol the Super Bowl. Things have become so much smoother and easier that you can do probably everything with its help, right from carrying out analysis of an oil field to sharing a video on You Tube.

There are firms who have started manufacturing PDAs and cell phones, which have customized software that works with any Windows based or Palm OS based wireless device that has a built in camera. The best protection that you can provide your homes and offices is Security cameras or hidden cameras. A spy camera or a security camera can have several benefits if one makes use of it suitably in their workplace or home. It can bring you peace of mind and a sense of security, which is ultimately the actual value worth of your money. The advancing technology is now making things easier and giving us a product where our employees will be able to spy for us with the help of their camera cell phones.

The phone works as if its just capturing some video clip, but in reality that data can be monitored. It is enabled to send along with the video signal GPS co-ordinates that will provide your headquarters as many eyes as your employees have phones. Technologically advanced inventions like these mobile phones that can be used as spy cameras have an endless list of uses. It can be beneficial in detecting a leak in oil fields. It may also be used inside cars as in-car camera systems where they would be able to provide traffic updates to other cars in different vicinities. The benefits and advantages of using spy cameras are plenty and varied. It may have certain disadvantages as well. Not all people are going to tolerate being spied upon, and if caught it may result in litigation.

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