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Home Security First Alert Night Vision Cameras - Are You Safe?

A night vision security camera allows one to see in the total dark. This type of surveillance device is very popular in systems where improved security at night time is required. Many a night vision security camera comes with IR illuminators. Heat, as in infrared energy, is emitted from every living organism. Humans with their body temperature of ninety-three degrees Fahrenheit emit infrared energy with a wavelength of nine to ten micrometers. IR illuminators are calibrated to pick up on any wavelength from eight to twelve micrometers. This feature, known as thermal imaging when the camera transmits those differences in IR wavelength as an image, further enhances the efficiency of this type of camera.

Other types of night vision security camera use an image enhancement procedure to convey images, whereby light emitted at a higher frequency than the IR wavelength is used. This type of process transmits as the green-colored images of night vision technology. The night vision security camera provides either black and white or color images. On some models, the color switches to black and white at night. Usually connected using an AC cord, some are even wireless. Presented in a wide range of styles and designs and in colors like black aluminum or white casing, there is a model for every taste and purpose. Usually weather proof, there are cameras for outdoor or indoor use. Some can even be hidden in smaller devices.

In total darkness, the night vision security camera usually provides high resolution black and white images. Some of the cameras come with light sensors and night vision leds, switching on automatically as the light pattern changes. Night vision usually covers for up to fifty feet, though the best operating range is between twenty-five to thirty-five feet. The operating temperature range is between minus ten degrees Celsius and fifty degrees Celsius.

The night vision security camera can also be used for other tasks around the house. It can be used to keep an eye on the car in the garage or on the pool, and can even be used to keep an eye on the baby or children without having to switch on the lights.

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