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Different Types of Hidden Security Cameras

If you are interested in buying a hidden security camera, then you will be surprised to know that they come in a much wider variety than previously available. Everything from teddy bears to desktop pens are being made into hidden cameras. While some require that you have a security camera system, some of them are stand alone units that work just as well.

The hidden security camera has been integrated into many common items. The most popular in this category is camera that looks like an analogue wall clock. No one will ever suspect that this clock is recording his or her every move. The tiny camera is hidden in the dark area of one of the numbers, and is easily undetectable because of its size. Usually this type of unit is capable of recording video by itself and does not require a security camera system in order to retrieve the video.

Some hidden security cameras utilize SD memory cards that can easily be transferred to your home computer for reviewing. Usually you will only see the memory cards being used in the types of hidden cameras that are designed to look like every day objects like clocks and teddybears. This makes it a lot easier for the individual who doesnít want the hassle of installing a complicated security camera setup.

There are even hidden security cameras that can be worn. This type of hidden security camera has been disguised in everything from hats to neckties and will definitely remain concealed. This type of camera usually requires a recording device to be worn on the person wearing the camera.

The hidden home security camera comes in such a wide variety of objects that you shouldnít have any trouble finding the right one for your situation. Whether it is recording theft at your home, or harassment in the office, a camera home security system video will definitely give you all the evidence you need, and no one will even know they are being watched.

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