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Types of Spy Cams

With growing security concerns and increasing crime rates, the need to protect homes and offices has increased manifold. Spy cams or hidden cameras help in keeping an eye on things when people are not around. These are also used in crowded places like stores to nab shoplifters.

There are many types of spy cameras available today. Some of these include wireless hidden cameras, wired hidden cameras, pinhole spy camera, bullet camera, pen cameras, night vision cameras, indoor cameras and outdoor cameras.

The wireless spy camera is small in size, light in weight and requires only low power to operate. It has a hidden transmitter and receiver. You can use more than one camera per location. It has a line of sight up to 300 feet (some cameras have a line of sight up to 1000 feet) and the signals it sends and receives can penetrate through walls and windows. These cameras due to their small size can be disguised as everyday objects like toys, lamps, smoke alarms, cell phone, wall clocks, books and more.

Wired spy cameras are cheaper than the wireless ones. They can be configured with ease. They can be set up in speakers, clocks, VCRs, smoke detectors or a cassette player. Pinhole cameras are used when a larger spy cam can't fit into the available space. They provide 3-5 hours of operation power. They can be placed in tissue boxes or any household item.

A bullet camera is a very sophisticated and compact device suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is weather proof and consumes extremely low power. It also has CCD area image sensors to guarantee durability and long life.

A cover pen camera is most suitable for undercover operations. In a pen camera, a small camera is placed inside a pen. The transmission range is 180 feet and it produces good quality color images. You can place it in your shirt pocket, desk, purse or anywhere you like.

Night vision cameras help you to carry out surveillance activities in the night. They produce fantastic color images. These cameras have a special lens for day time viewing and Infra Red LEDs for night operations.

Spy cams have now become the most preferred tools for setting up a home or office security system.

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