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Spy cameras are the most preferred devices today for security and surveillance purposes. Available in various models, they can easily be disguised as any object. These cameras are affordable and some are available at discounted prices. Several online stores dealing in surveillance and security equipment stock these cameras and have a clearance section offering discounted models. Some of these stores include Spyville, PalmVid, SpyTech, Spy-equipment amongst others.

The general price range of wireless spy cameras is between $169 and $480. Some of them are priced even as low as $79. Wireless hidden cameras, or nanny cameras as they are otherwise known, are priced based on the article in which they are hidden. If it is hidden in a simple wall clock it may cost you around $300, but if it is hidden in sophisticated items like a sunglass and other such items, it will cost a whole lot more.

If you are a bit price conscious you can opt for the wired spy cameras. They are much cheaper compared to their wireless counterparts. They usually cost between $160 and $300.

You can also place spy cameras underwater, may be in your swimming pool. A typical underwater camera would cost you $219. A more sophisticated model even at a discounted price would cost you $2000.

Night vision cameras are the ones that help you monitor activities surreptitiously during the night. Their prices after discount can cost you up to $300 or $360. Some models are expensive any may cost $1999. Motion video cameras or motion triggered cameras' prices range from $269.99 to $2195. Some of them are even costlier.

If you are not very particular about the brand, there are many sellers of cheap spy cams. You can also choose from a variety of products available from comparison shopping sites like Yahoo, Shopzilla and Pricegrabber. These sites show prices from several participating stores and can help you quickly locate the store that is offering the highest discount.

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