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Spy Cameras - Whos Watching Me?

Self Improvement shows are all over the broadcast networks. After hearing about shows like “What Not to Wear” I thought I would love to be on one. Then I saw that they used spy cameras to watch the “winner” as she went about her life. Now I’m paranoid.

It’s not like there aren’t spy cameras all around me already. I know that the grocery store, the mega mart, and probably the pet store are all watching me walk through their aisles. A little panty rise will send me into near panic. If I (to put it delicately) put the panties back in place then someone is probably watching. If I don’t, then they can see them slowly creeping up into the no-man’s land.


The worse case of paranoia I have about spy cameras are the news casts. They aren’t hidden cameras, but they are taking pictures of people’s rear-ends. I have a fear that my rear-end will be seen prancing down the street one day with the caption “how to keep from looking like this.”

There have been so many movies and television shows about people using spy cameras to watch their neighbors that I often wonder if the electrian installed little cameras in our ceiling when he was working there. It would make a good movie. A mad electrician, with a bank of televisions in his basement, all with a different home flashed on the screen. With the development of IPTV, it might actually be a feasible scenario. I think I’ll check my ceiling when I finish this article.

Spy cameras have their place in our society – for better or worse. Police use them to monitor high risk situations and intersections. Stores use them to cut back on shoplifting. The idea of someone watching is suppose to make people think twice about breaking the law. With all the good that spy cameras offer, I still don’t want to be on one.

Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer covering the home security industry. She has written various articles on spy cameras and moderates at the Security Talk forums.

Source: www.articledashboard.com