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The spy camera industry has evolved quite a bit over the last decade. People donít want the old big cameras anymore; they want smaller and better cameras. Analog technology is no longer used, and the word ďdigitalĒ is a must-have in any electronic device nowadays. Thatís why even spy cams now have digital functions, digital display possibilities, and other new digital extras. It can be difficult to choose which digital camera to buy. Basically, the purpose of all digital spy cameras is the same, they are meant to be hidden and used to record a particular person or area.

Many factors influence the decision in choosing a digital camera. There are usually some particulars about the product that influence buying such as the image quality, the sensibility to low light, transmission frequency used and range, and the buyerís previous experience with such cameras. Another factor not usually mentioned but that has to be taken into account is that the battery drainage is often high, limiting the length of time that the camera can record to a couple of hours. Digital zoom possibilities must also be taken into account. There are several models that lose a lot of clarity when zooming and there are several that donít. Also another feature present in many products is an LCD display varying in size and image quality. People who need such a monitor to watch what they are recording live should look for a top model. People who are just looking for recording quality and donít really watch the monitor or care about the display should look for a digital camera that has better recording capabilities.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of digital spy cams on the market. It is important that people pay attention to the specifics of the digital spy camera that they buy. Many models are not very good and cost loads of money, and advertise features they do not posses, or that donít live up to the expectations that the buyer might have. Be sure to compare the prices and features of several different models. Buying a digital cam, especially a small spy cam, should be a well thought process.

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