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Low Cost Video Surveillance Tips

What is the most important aspect of video surveillance, and why is it so important? The answer to this commonly asked question is that video surveillance is predicated upon location of the camera, consistency in viewing, and overall awareness of surroundings.

First thing to do with video surveillance is position the camera in a place that will allow for optimal views. This means that each camera should be out of the reach of anyone that might want to take it down, and at the same time, be effectively located in a place to capture the clearest images possible. A lot of this will come into play if you have an incident, or you think you see someone trespassing, and you must try to identify what is going on. If the camera isnít in the right direction, the entire incident may occur without proper filming of it.

Next one should become a consistent viewer of the video surveillance tapes, and live feeds. This means that it should be a daily activity to watch the videos of your home surveillance to look out for any odd activity. Often thieves will case a house for several weeks before robbing it. This means that it will be, most likely, caught on tape before the incident occurs. Keep an eye out for any stranger, and then make any adjustments to keep them away from your property necessary.

Finally it is imperative to keep an open mind when dealing with video surveillance, and the surroundings of what is being filmed. There are often instances of one performing video surveillance that leads to false accusations, and general misunderstandings. There are many reasons that this scenario occurs, but it usually results in the video surveillance user to make assumptions before doing proper research to back up such assumptions. For example, one may be conducting video surveillance on their property, and see some random people entering the yard next door for nearly a week straight. Without thinking about it the activity is reported, but it is found out after that the house is for rent, and potential tenants have been looking at it for leasing purposes. It is incidents like this that highlight the need for caution when performing video surveillance.

When used properly, video surveillance can be a powerful tool in protecting your home, and others from potential disasters, and burglaries. Without video surveillance one may never see the imminent threats that are out there until it is too late.

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