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Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras are becoming common by the day as the IT sector experiences a boom and related technology becomes cheaper and more advanced. There are many types of surveillance cameras such as dome cameras, hidden cameras, smoke detecting cameras, and "smart" cameras that are equipped with motion detectors.

Video surveillance cameras can also be classified according to the technology that is used in them. CCTV cameras are those that have a completely closed circuit and all the elements are connected together. Conversely, advanced digital cameras are those that are not connected by a circuit but can be located at any site around the world. Digital video recorders do not need VCR's and other recording equipment in order to capture or record on-site activities. The software automatically records any unusual activity in odd hours of the day.

Video surveillance cameras are used in school buses and schools to monitor activities of students. Hidden cameras are also available in the market and are usually hidden in clocks, smoke detectors, and soft toys such as a teddy bear. These cameras can also be differentiated according to their efficiency. A 360- degree revolving dome camera can capture images anywhere on the site. Infrared surveillance cameras are used by government agencies such as the SWAT for tailing suspects at night.

Security agencies and detective agencies use these cameras to monitor people at their client's request. It is legal to install a camera and record public activities and there is a lot of debate over this subject. However, even government agencies such as the federal bureau of investigation need a warrant in order to carry out video surveillance in private places or homes. Tiny Hand held cameras are also available in the market that helps in monitoring the elderly and in crèches where children are kept under watch.

Video surveillance cameras are available in the price range of $100 to $800 according to the technology that is used in them. Fake cameras are also available for as less as $3, which act as deterrents for robbers and thieves.

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