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Cheap Hidden Cameras

Secret surveillance is not just a prerogative of banks, supermarkets and multiplexes anymore. Even homes and small businesses require hidden spying and so the market for Cheap Hidden Cameras is booming nowadays. Imitations of big brands such as Sony, Nixon, etc. are thronging the market. People who do not wish to spend huge amounts on expensive cameras buy these Cheap Hidden Cameras.

Most of these cameras have limitations over the higher priced ones. Sometimes they are bulky and big in size, which makes it difficult to disguise them. They may not have powerful lenses, their picture quality may be hazy or grainy and they may not have zoom-in capabilities. It is usually one of these drawbacks which make it possible to price them cheaply.

Some Cheap Hidden Cameras are merely imitations of the originals. The basic design may be just a replica of the original brand. Even the trademark patterns, colors and logos are sometimes closely replicated. This is a marketing ploy, but it may cause counterfeiting issues.

While buying a hidden camera that is priced cheaply, it is necessary to check it out thoroughly. A demonstration must be taken, and checked whether it connects to the output devices such as TVs, computer screens, etc. The lenses of these cameras may have oily deposits on them, which may render unwanted hues to the pictures. It is also necessary to check the size of the camera, to see if it can be easily connected in a hidden place.

Cheap Hidden Cameras may be priced as low as $100. They are not ideal for business places where a continuous use is necessary. They are better suited to homes, where they can be used to spy on childrenís and senior adultís nannies and nurses. These cameras may not have a life lasting more than a couple of months; hence, they are good only as a stopgap temporary arrangement. Where strict security measures are required, it is advisable to invest in a more expensive hidden camera system.

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